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The 16th Southern Africa Philatelic Conference
3 - 5 November 2017

Venue - Strawberry Bank in Meriden, CV7 7NF
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Dear Members
As you all ought to be aware, each year in November a Southern African Philatelic Conference is staged on a weekend. Those attending arrive on Friday afternoon, on Saturday there are invited displays and on Sunday it is bring whatever you like. If you can’t make it for the weekend, why not come for a day, Saturday is probably the best. Each year there is a nucleus of members who not only belong to the Bechuanalands and Botswana Society, but to several others.
Regular faces are Don Jefferies, Colin Hoffman,
Otto Peetoom, Brian Trotter, Alan MacGregor and
Paul van Zeyl. Peter Thy may attend and Brian Hurst is expected as well. I am hoping to persuade a few others to come along.

Over the years, Bechuanaland displays have been rather thin on the ground and I intend to remedy that this year.
I have spoken to the organiser of the event, my son Simon Peetoom and suggested we take a Saturday slot and present a collective display, perhaps with a title A Journey into Bechuanaland and onto Botswana.
The idea being that all those with an interest in Bechuanaland will bring something along to ‘fuel’ the theme.

I suggest starting with Stellaland, then the Warren Expedition. A selection of British Bechuanaland Stamps plus covers...

  Combination covers from Rhodesia and/or Pioneer mail...Tati Excised used at Francistown...Boer War...WWI...more stamps/covers... Postage dues plus covers...Some Revenues...a selection of modern Botswana. The object is to entertain the audience and to make it interesting.

I will bring some spare copies of The Runner Post (free of charge) and who knows we may pick up a new member or two and/or sell a few Postal Stationery books.

This is an initial appeal for anyone who may wish to attend this year’s conference and for those attending to decide what they wish to bring along starting from 5 pages or more...there is plenty of time to put some form of programme together and it will be encouraging to see Bechuanaland flying its
flag at the conference...I have read and seen far too much doom and gloom
that occurred in the past...we can brighten up the day with a general display and entertain those present.
Please respond and make a few suggestions.
Otto Peetoom - 5 August 2017

As a result of the foregoing far, Gordon Jefferies will show an array of Bechuanaland Specimens, Brian Trotter will show early covers including the Boer War Period. Otto Peetoom will provide a selection of Stamps including Modern Botswana, Postage Dues, Die Proofs and Postal History. Alan MacGregor hopes to attend and if he does will bring some interesting items along. Paul van Zeyl will also participate.

The Runner Post No 96 along with Southern Africa Philately No 7

Will be posted during Mid-September 2017

2016 Commemortives may be viewed

2016 15th Annual Conference Report

The Annual National in South Africa (October) honoured two of our members

Paul van Zeyl invited to sign the Roll of Honour
Otto Peetoom awarded the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion

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The Runner Post No 95
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A Philatelic Forum - Society Archives,
1961 Bechuanaland Decimal Definitives
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Articles include
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The Bechuanalands Society 1984 - 2017
An extensive review
What has happened to Karl Seligmann Book?

Pictorial Postcards, Postmark Update
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Southern Africa Philately No 6
A 44 page journal nearly 20 different subjects

A Philatelic Forum (7 Subjects)
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The Boer Invasion of Natal
Aerogrammes and Southern African Rarities
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Cape - Re-addressed Mail
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The Boer War in Bechuanaland
Warren Expedition - A letter from Sudan

The Runner Post No 93
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Articles include - 1961 Decimal Definitives
Sunset covers and Emil Tamsen

Recent Issues - A review of 50 years of Stamps
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Southern Africa Philately No 4
A 44 page journal with 30 different subjects

A Philatelic Forum (12 Subjects)
Articles include - Antarctic Bouvet Island Bechuanaland - The Warren Expedition
Union Steam Ship Mail
RSA Major Commemorative Varieties
Pioneering South African Philately
Southern Rhodesia 1953 Definitives
Natal - 1911 The Natal Railway System
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